5 Tips and Tricks for Singapore’s Trip as First Timer Traveler

5 Tips and Tricks for Singapore’s Trip as First Timer Traveler | Singapore is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. This country is most visited for its lavish city view and beautifully pictured natural surrounding. Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore offers 24 hours of entertainment and traveling experiences around every corner.

To get there for the first time, one of the best options is to use Singapore Airlines. You can get your Singapore Airlines flight Traveloka to make your booking easier. You can also choose the desired date for your own Singapore trip. You can also get promotions and bonuses if you book your plane ticket to Singapore.
Besides booking plane tickets, here are several tips and tricks for enjoying your first-time Singapore trip.

101 Tips Traveling in Singapore

Use Public Transportation
In Singapore, you will be at ease to find options to travel around the city. One of the best options in its fascinating Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). The MRT provides a seamless public transportation system with an integrated rail. You can go to most of the areas within the city.
To make your Singapore trip easier together with saving cash and time, it will be better if you register your Singapore Tourist Pass. With this pass card, you are allowed to go for unlimited travel as long as you wish. But, avoid the taxi because it is pretty expensive.

2.    Eat Local Foods
Singapore's foods are as rich as its culture. You can enjoy several of the best cuisines in Singapore effortlessly around the city. You can choose from Michelin-star restaurants to street food and hawker stalls. For sure, the foods are also good too with cheaper prices.
To find the hawker stalls, go get yourself to China Town and don't miss the Singaporean specialties, like chicken rice and Laksa. To find Michelin-star foods or restaurants, go to the center of the city.

3.    Get Early to Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay is a must-visited place in the country. But, the place is very crowded, so you need to get there early. For your guidance, the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are open to the public starting from 9 a.m., so you need to get there at least 15 minutes early to get the ticket easier.
But, you don't need to spend any money if you just want to see the Gardens and Supertree Grove, you can enjoy them for free, all day starting from 5 a.m. But, you need to pay the ticket if you want to walk on the skywalk at the Garden by the Bay.

4.    Free Water For Public
When traveling around Singapore, you will find many water tap stations, and it's free. So, you don't need to be afraid if you run out of fresh water to drink. Just bring a refillable water bottle, so that you can reduce plastic use and won't get thirsty all the time.

5.    Use Roaming Data
When you are in Singapore, you need to stay connected. So, subscribing to roaming cellular data will save your day. If you stay connected, you will be at ease to get access everywhere, such as buying goods or using the map to go to your desired places.
But, if you are running out of roaming cellular data, you will find many restaurants and cafés in Singapore with Wi-Fi, too.
That’s all about 101 tips for your first trip to SIngapore. Plan your day off to enjoy your Singapore Trip. To make it easier, you can book your plane ticket from Traveloka as well as the hotel and resorts booking. And, you can use it to book your amusement park ticket.
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